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Method and Device for Trigger Point Massage Therapy- Ms. Michelle G. Roberts, L.M.T, CEO and founder of Global Dynamics Technology Inc. a New York City Corporation since August 2015.

Chronic pain is a significant public health concern. According to NIH, chronic pain affects over 100 million Americans annually. Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS) also known as Chronic Myofascial Pain (CMP), is a syndrome characterized by chronic pain in multiple trigger points (“knots”) and fascial restriction. Current  rehabilitation techniques and devices help with the reduction of chronic pain; however, a much greater degree of recovery is necessary for patients to achieve the key goal of gaining better quality of life with better treatment outcomes. Although there are many treatment possibilities  to  reduce myofascial trigger points, one widely practiced technique involves the application of ischemic compression over trigger points. The practitioner uses hand or elbow pressure, sometimes with the aid of a tool, to apply force to the affected area. The technique requires the right amount of pressure over time to release tension and return the muscle to a normal state. The trigger point therapy device is an effective pain management system based on Ischemic Compression Technology (ICT). Through objective application and measurement of the efficacy of the invention, the healthcare professional is more effective in the treatment of trigger point therapy, thereby decreasing the healing time of many neuromusculoskeletal injuries. It is GDT’s objective to provide the NTD 100 device to the general public and medical practitioners for well- controlled trigger point therapy in the treatment of chronic pain.​

This proprietary Trigger Point Therapy Device is patent pending with a utility patent application on file, was invented by a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist with a background in electrical engineering. The device will help assist health care practitioners provide a noninvasive manual therapy treatment, to decrease and alleviate myofascial trigger points, muscle contractions, spasm and pain patterns, which are the direct causes of chronic pain.

Method for Trigger Point Therapy a Neuromuscular Therapy Device (NTD)

  • NTD 100 - Consumer Model
  • NTD 1000- Professional Model
  • NTD 2000 Deluxe Professional Model