Key personnel management team

18 East 41st Street Suite 1503
New York, N.Y. 10017


Michelle G. Roberts, CEO - Founder & CEO is an experienced Product Developer, Principal Investigator and entrepreneur. Since 2013 she successfully has a patent pending and a patent application on file for the Trigger Point Therapy Massage Device an Ischemic compression technology addressing chronic pain. She founded Dynamic Sports Therapy in 2005 and founded Global Dynamics Technology Inc (GDTI) in 2015 after sixteen years in the healthcare industry. As a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist for the past 16 years, Ms. Roberts also has extensive experience with the treatment application of Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release on patients suffering from orthopedic pathologies. Ms Roberts conservatively performed over 2000 trigger point therapy sessions in practice. Under her leadership, DST has developed a reputation as an innovator in the medical specialty products industry.  Ms. Robertswill be directly responsible for the overall conceptual design, implementation of the ischemic compression technology, and the application of trigger point therapy. 

Dr. Howard Benedikt - Co-Investigator and Director of Clinical Operations. Dr. Benedikt is an expert in the application of Neuromuscular Therapy. In private practice for the past 38 years, he has performed conservatively over 3000 trigger point therapy sessions. Dr. Benedikt will assist Ms. Roberts with research data, testing, and investigating the concept of using Ischemic Compression Technology (ICT) for addressing chronic pain.

Richard Aguila, CTO -  Director of Product Development, Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Aguila will be directly responsible for the mechanical engineering infrastructure, coordinating product production and distribution activities between GDTI and its contract manufacturers. His previous experience includes working for large medical contract manufacturers and brings extensive management experience and knowledge of product conception to commercialization.

Mr. Robert McCoy Director of Electrical Engineer. Mr. McCoy will be directly responsible for electrical engineering, design, testing, and development of NTD’s electrical infrastructure. He will work closely with Ms.Roberts and Mr. Aguila to develop and implement the ischemic compression technology (ICT) Robert McCoy brings 30 years of experience in electrical engineering designs and development technology.